• KIID : Korean Internation Interior Designer
KIID : Korean Internation Interior Designer


Client: Korean Internation Interior Designer
Location: Seoul,Korea
Area: -
Programme: Exhibition
Timing: 2013
Status: Completed
Photos: MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.

Credits: MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.

Partners Incharge: -
Project Leader: MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
Team: MADA design factory Co.,Ltd.
Description: KIID invited MADA to present MADA work at Seoul,Korea MADA kinetic wall presenting by 2 centimeter diameter clear acrylic tube but difference of high . Including LED light at the back of the wall. The LED light have difference color, Also difference area at the back. In front created MADA work on the tube, people around can not see from far away, but have to zoom in the detail of MADA work on tube. Would say that life is difference of emotion, mood and feeling like MADA work is "creation for happiness"